Raising awareness and taking action with SPREADWORDS

Spreadwords is a non-profit crowdfunding platform that rents advertising space in order to influence public opinion towards more public welfare. The knodel foundation supports the organisation in its intention to place topics in the middle of society that are especially close to the hearts of citizens.

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    since 2019


All campaigns created by Spreadwords are designed to enrich the public debate on topics such as international understanding, animal rights, sustainability and awareness raising. Suggestions for topics, design and financing of the campaigns are entirely done by the crowd. Spreadwords itself acts in a democratic and independent manner and for this reason does not receive any further funding from corporations or governmental support.

The crowdfunding platform can be used anonymously by anyone to submit campaign proposals. All proposals are submitted to an editorial team and are then thematically prepared and discussed in public workshops. If a proposal complies with the principles of Spreadwords, a crowdfunding process is started to collect donations. To get attention for the campaign content already here, we work together with interest-like initiatives, NGOs, and multipliers.

90 percent of the collected donations go directly to the billboard. Each campaign is documented in media, prepared in workshops, and distributed online via social media. To enable younger generations to participate in the public debate and thus experience responsibility, Spreadwords wants to introduce them to the topics behind the billboards. In cooperation with school classes and students, campaigns will be developed and implemented. In the future, it is conceivable to use other public advertising media such as cinema advertising or clothing in addition to billboards.

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