Supporting young people holistically in South Africa

AMANDLA is an international social enterprise based in South Africa, Germany and the USA. AMANDLA’s mission is to create safe spaces that bring together the power of sport and learning to empower youth and change lives. At the heart of the organisation’s work lies its award-winning approach to youth development: the Safe-Hub® Social Franchise Model. Safe-Hub® is designed to disrupt cycles of poverty, unemployment and inequality, especially for young people growing up in disadvantaged communities. AMANDLA’s vision is a world where all young people access equal opportunities, strive to realise their full potential and dare to dream. knodel foundation is supporting the innovative Safe-Hub® in Gugulethu-Manenberg (South Africa) in order to become more environmentally friendly by developing new sustainable energy and water solutions.
Local promoter

Safe-Hub South Africa

A Safe-Hub® is a physically and emotionally safe space for young people. Here, they can access services, opportunities and support from strong role models through a sports-based programme with a special focus on health, education, and employability. Safe-Hub® infrastructure provides a campus for local NGOs, government and service providers, making each Safe-Hub® an innovative collaboration place with only one main focus: holistic support for young people, their families and the community.  A Safe-Hub® includes an Artificial Turf Football Field connected to a Youth Café, Training Academy, Digital Lab, Transversal Office Spaces, Psychosocial Support Centre and Commercial Spaces for young entrepreneurs. Diverse and integrated income and funding streams ensure financial sustainability of Safe-Hub® operations.


AMANDLA is now expanding upon the Safe-Hub® model by adding elements of renewable energy, sustainable water harvesting and sustainable agriculture to the existing infrastructure. To achieve this, knodel foundation is supporting the campus in Gugulethu-Manenberg (near Cape Town) by developing off-grid solutions. The sustainability package will guarantee the Safe-Hub® a better carbon footprint, financial stability through off-setting operational costs and in the long-run provide access to self-supporting resources for the surrounding community. AMANDLA´s goal is to scale this unique project together with the knodel foundation to 30 Safe-Hubs® across South Africa.