We support innovative solutions
for a better world

The knodel foundation is a charitable organization that works for global justice, sustainable empowerment of people and a fair coexistence with animals and nature.

Enabling people to be self-determined and self-reliant, thereby creating positive change on an economic and social level in the long term – this is the vision that drives our daily work. By specifically promoting transformative approaches, we aim to contribute to ending the great inequalities between rich and poor in this world. That is why we support pioneering initiatives in the “Global South” which place people and the planet at the forefront.

At the same time, we engage in various initiatives and dialogues that help to lead the “Global North” – especially Germany – towards a better understanding of global, interconnected issues and its own role & responsibilities in the world. What is particularly important to us? A sense of community that focuses on exchange at equal terms and the belief in a better world for all people, regardless of origin, gender, skin color, religion or any other affiliations.

Specific impact, various projects

Whether South Asia, Eastern Europe or Africa: the decisive factor in selecting the projects we support is impact, not location. With our expertise in projects that contribute to systemic change at various levels, we proactively search for suitable concepts and impactful ideas. What sets us apart is that, after thorough examination, we also give new and bold approaches to innovation a chance.

Hence we support, for instance, students in Germany who qualify for jobs in sustainability-oriented organizations as well as small farmers in India who practice ecological agriculture, or young people in Mali who develop technology-based solutions for local problems. They all contribute to making the world a more livable place and are therefore part of our “Changemaker Community” for social and ecological justice.

When it comes to nurturing innovative solutions, we have made a conscious decision against providing short-term, selective assistance that acts like the famous “drop in the bucket.” Instead, we are committed to long-term support. For our project partners, we are reliable sparring partners who engage with them beyond the financial support we provide. In doing so, we draw on our many years of expertise in non-profit work as well as our ever-expanding network. Whenever possible, we visit our partner organizations on site in order to gain first-hand experience of the various projects and their outcomes.

Your contribution to a better world

Why your money is in the right hands with us? All of the initiatives we fund with your help have one thing in common: they create long-term, structural changes that enable marginalized people to live a self-determined life in a more sustainable world. When you donate to us, 200% of your charitable contribution goes to the supported projects! Every Euro donated to the knodel foundation is matched by our major donor, who also covers all overhead costs. This means you can be sure that your donation will make a big difference.

Five areas, One goal: Systemic Change

Our projects are located across the world. What unites them, however, is their specific and unique impact on people and the planet. Our commitment towards sustainable and systemic change spans across five key areas.