Your Support

We welcome your support. As every Euro that enters the financial cycle can in turn have a good or bad effect, we are working together with the GLS Bank, whose ethical standards have impressed us:

Positive criteria for investments in people, organisations or companies:

Sustainable and social-ecological sectors:

  • Renewable energy
  • Nutrition, agriculture and forestry
  • Residential housing
  • Education and culture
  • Social affairs and health
  • Mobility
  • Financial services, development- and microfinance
  • Sustainable economy

Sustainable management:

  • Social responsibility
  • Ethical standards and good governance
  • Resource-conserving operational management
  • Developmental objectives
  • Product responsibility, which aims to solve social and ecological challenges

Exclusion criteria for sectors and companies:

Controversial areas of business:

  • Weapons and defense
  • Intensive livestock farming
  • Nuclear energy
  • Coal energy
  • Biocides and pesticides
  • Organochlorinated mass-manufactured products
  • Genetically engineered farming
  • Embryonic research
  • Addictive substances

Controversial business practices:

  • Human rights violations
  • Labour law violations
  • Animal testing
  • Contoversial  environmental behaviour
  • Controversial business practices

Exclusion criteria for financial market activities:

  • Currency speculation
  • Speculative investments into raw materials and food
  • Investment in stocks or companies, which have their origin or registered office in uncooperative tax havens

Exclusion criteria for countries:

  • Death penalty and systematic violation of human rights
  • Countries which on the basisi of Freedom House can be declared as unfree or only partly free and which violate democratic and political core values
  • Non-ratification of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or the Geneva Convention
  • Expansion of nuclear energy
  • High level of corruption, according to Transparency International