Impact Investing

The knodel foundation has a share capital of 50,000 €, which, according to foundation law and the articles of association, it is not allowed to use for project funding, but must maintain. Since every invested capital has an impact, it is important for us to use this money sensibly. The solution is impact investing: this is the term used to describe investments that have a measurable, positive, social or ecological impact while generating a financial return. Our share capital is currently “working” here:

Since every euro invested in the financial circuit has a good or bad effect, we work together with GLS Bank, whose ethical standards are convincing to us: The Gemeinschaftsbank für Leihen und Schenken (GLS for short) is a bank that finances sustainable entrepreneurs instead of speculating on financial markets, so that new social-ecological offerings can be created in society. This forward-thinking approach to banking benefits people, the environment and also results in economic profit.

Kabakoo connects young people in Africa to world-class learning opportunities for sustainable futures, regardless of where they live or who they know. With its unique “highdigenous” model, Kabakoo fuses high-tech and indigenous knowledges to deliver transformative learning experiences. Kabakoo is a multi-award winning EdTech which has been recognized by the likes of the African Union, the UNESCO, and the World Economic Forum which has selected Kabakoo Academies as one of the 16 “Schools of the Future” around the world. Most recently, Kabakoo won the Zoom EdInnovation Award for the “boldest and brightest ideas supporting underserved students worldwide”.