Combating sexual exploitation of children on the Internet

The human rights organization IJM fights against modern slavery and human trafficking, including the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet / in live streaming. With its Global Fusion Center, IJM exposes these crimes through online investigation work. The knodel foundation supports the Global Fusion Center's aim to increase the investigative capacity in local field offices and hubs.
International Justice Mission e.V. (IJM)
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Global Fusion Center


The Global Fusion Center is an investigation and competence center that supports the search work against human traffickers worldwide through in-depth digital research. Accordingly the crimes of modern slavery and human trafficking, which include the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet, are at the focus of the investigation center.

The work of the Global Fusion Center

The sexual exploitation of children on the Internet is currently spreading significantly beyond the Philippines to other countries, so that the Global Fusion Center will also be deployed there. The countries in which the center is currently promoting its investigative work are Ghana, Cambodia, Thailand (including the Gulf of Thailand), India, and the Philippines.

The center has three tasks: operational analysis, strategic analysis and training.

The operational analysis aims to produce specific law enforcement results. This can be an arrest, confiscation, loss of assets or funds acquired through criminal activity, or disruption of a criminal group. For operational analysis, the center always cooperates with national and international police units. The analysis shall:

  • identify links between suspects and their involvement in crime and criminal activity
  • identify and close the most important gaps in investigation
  • create profiles of known or suspected criminals.

The strategic analysis is intended to inform decision-makers at higher levels, support them in their decisions and warn them of threats at an early stage. The Centre therefore prepares information on these areas:

  • criminal activity
  • crime trends and patterns
  • emerging threats
  • the influence of external factors such as technology, demography or economy on criminal activities

The third pillar for successful digitally supported investigation work against human traffickers are the education and training of investigators worldwide. The investigators to be trained come primarily from the IJM offices and countries of operation.