Preventing human trafficking from Eastern Europe

With its open borders with Western Europe, Romania has become a hub for human trafficking in Europe. The Eastern European state is one of three countries within the EU that consistently have the highest rate of human trafficking. Minors in particular are traded here for the sex industry.

International Justice Mission e.V. (IJM)

IJM office in Romania

Local promoter

According to Eurostat, 6.101 Romanians were identified as victims of human trafficking within the European Union and EU candidate countries between 2010 and 2012. Despite important reforms and progress in the judiciary and administration, traffickers can still operate with impunity. The criminal business with human goods continues on a national level and with other EU countries unhindered.


The aim of IJM is to transform legal systems in all project countries in such a way that the authorities can act consistently and independently against the violent crime of trafficking in human beings. During the initial period of its presence, IJM will investigate the problem of human trafficking in Romania in more detail and evaluate previous solutions and shortcomings. This assessment forms the basis for the later development of a strategy for the sustainable devlopment of IJM. In addition, this presence phase serves to forge strategic partnerships with government agencies and stakeholders in civil society. IJM wants to build long-term networks for programme work in Eastern Europe in order to curb human trafficking strategically and nationally. The IJM office has been established in early 2019.

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