Education and perspectives for children in Bengaluru, India

Shishu Mandir, the "Temple of the Children", looks after children in the slums of Bangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka. The knodel foundation supports the project, that has been in existence since 1983, and in the meantime it has grown to include a school, a children's home, a training centre and a day nursery.  
Shishu Mandir – Zukunft für Kinder e.V.
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Shishu Mandir

The Shishu Mandir Project releases children from their hopeless situation. The “Temple of the Children” provides them with protection and a home. The idea is based on the observation that the children reciprocate the respectful and friendly care they receive in the Shishu Mandir positively and their attitude to learning improves. Alongside academic achievements, values such as responsibility, gratitude and forgiveness are also practiced and encouraged. The goal is by means of a sympathetic teaching style to help the children achieve a well-rounded development, which enables them to have a reasonable outlook on life. Thanks to the comprehensive support provided it has already been possible to rescue children, who otherwise would never have seen a school from the inside, from the streets and to educate them to Master degree level.

Shishu Mandir now runs a school, a day nursery, various training programmes and it provides basic medical care in the area around Bangalore. The project is also able to help talented children to gain a colleague education. In its own vocational training centre, courses on electrical engineering, automotive and metal work and tailoring are offered, as well as computer courses and English lessons.