Establishing the Latek Stay Alliance in Kenya

The Stay - Stiftung für multiplikative Entwicklung from Stuttgart has successfully built up an association of social enterprises in Uganda. The association's idea is to work together only with independent social enterprises from the country, i.e. without Western aid workers. The knodel foundation supports Stay in order to transfer this successful concept to Kenya.
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The Latek Stay Alliance Uganda (Latek means “together”) is a democratically organised umbrella association for social entrepreneurs in Uganda. The Stay foundation defines social entrepreneurs as experienced local aid workers, who dedicate themselves to tackling social problems in an enterprising way. Instead of Western aid workers, who only work in the country for a short period, the foundation works with people who really know the land and are long-term residents there. The Latek Stay Alliance works to improve and simplify communication and mutual exchange between the individual organisations. This leads to more effective working processes, greater independence and sustainable development. The overall objective is to improve living conditions in the areas of education, healthcare and income. The umbrella association is self-monitoring and is increasingly able to make decisions independently. After the development phase, the Stay foundation gradually withdraws from the decision-making processes, for example, regarding the inclusion of new members. Currently, 30 organisations are members of the network.

As the organisations are largely responsible for the fieldwork, the Latek Stay Alliance idea is universal and it can be transferred to other countries. By employing key figures with strong local roots, the idea automatically adapts itself to local circumstances.


The Stay foundation intends to develop another umbrella association in Kenya based on the Latek Stay Alliance Uganda model. At least ten membership agreements should be concluded by October 2018, interviews are already being conducted with potential partners. It is scheduled that by the middle of next year a charter should be worked out that will define the services to be provided by the association and its registration as a non-governmental organisation will be completed.

As previously in Uganda, the focus in Kenya will also be on the development of rural areas. By the middle of 2019, Stay intends to have opened an association office with a programme manager and administrative staff. From then on, individuals from the association will be educated through scholarships. They should – in line with the foundation’s multiplicative approach – bring their new knowledge into their respective organisations and pass it on.

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